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Bead Mills Machine

We make a broad scope of Bead Mill ( 1.4-150 liters ), made utilizing high level crude material to guarantee ideal quality at long last item. Our ZR sprinkle arrangement aids successful vitality move of intensity of the fundamental engines to the granulating dabs and is furnished with very much fabricated instigator circle. This further, empowers to break strong issues into grounded structure. In this way, our Bead Mills are profoundly refreshing for low force utilization, superior and fine processing impact.

Dab plant is an exceptionally planned particular wet pounding/scattering factory for nano molecule size decrease.

Offer various models running from 1.4 liters to 60 liters limit.

Uncommon outward partition framework guaranteeing high stream rates while accomplishing an escalated level of granulating.

Twofold cooling instrument framework for exactness temperature control. Results in exceptionally effective smaller scale pounding of even intense materials. Molecule size up to one micron or 50 nm to 500 nm can be accomplished. Intended for water based and dissolvable based slurries. Our factories chamber are built out of an assortment of materials to suit the procedure , for the most part hard wear safe steel and different types of ferritic and austentitic prepares are utilized. We likewise give chamber in hastelloy and duplex prepares.There is likewise an assortment of clay lining material accessible viz. carbides and zirconium. The rotors likewise contain wear safe prepares and an assortment of polymers and fired lined steel

Application :

  • Fine crushing of fluid slurries Ultrafine scattering and nano-particles crushing of low-to-medium consistency fluids Cooking enterprises like inks, paints, agro-synthetic compounds, pharmaceuticalsCreation of nano emulsion and scattering.

Bead Mills Manufacturers

Wahal Engieers is Leading in bead mills machine which uses for wet grinding. This is also called dispersion mill machine.
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