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Dealing with construction industry focuses you to know how important it is to use water bitumen emulsion for waterproofing, asphalt road surfacing as well as road building. All of these are great applications that require professional Bitumen Emulsion and you do need a proper Bitumen Emulsion plant that can help you perform the right mix and which you can use it at any given time.

Bitumen emulsion is widely used in road construction and maintenance, such as:

  • New road construction: prime coat, adhesive coat and seal coat;
  • Road maintenance: fog seal, slurry seal, micro surfacing treatment, chip seal, ultra thin wearing layer, pothole rehabilitation and etc.;
  • Road pavement recycling: cold in-place recycling asphalt.

Main features of Bitumen Emulsion Plant Process 

  •  Bitumen pump, soap pump and dosage pump (for emulsifier supply and measurement) are all driven by variable frequency motors, high precision in weighing and dosage.
  •  Adopting international famous colloid mill, producing homologous, stable and reliable bitumen emulsion; clearance between rotor and stator of the colloid mill is adjustable, the min. particle size is 1μm, fit for both bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen emulsion production.
  •  Two preparation tanks take turn to produce diluted emulsifier solution, ensuring continuous production.
  •  Pipes, valves and tanks and other main components are all made by corrosion resistant material, longer service life.
  •  PLC control system, supporting automatic and manual operation, easy to operate and 1 operator is enough.
  •  The whole plant is a integrated structure and can be put into container, quite easy for transportation and relocation.

Wahal Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd is Leading Manufacturer and Supplier for Bitumen Emulsion Plants Process to road construction machine. High Shear Mixers Homogenizers has most important role in Road Construction Industries. 

We are guided by our founder Mr. Praveen Wahal, who holds rich industry experience of 40 years in the respective field of work. Due to his dynamic policy of reviewing our unit at regular intervals, we have developed advance production unit and progressed immensely.