Paint Manufacturing Machine-Red Oxide Paint Mixer Machine
What is Red Oxide ?

There is more to paint than being just a color; it is a liquid material that dries to give a beautiful finish. The paint is generally carved using four materials: pigment, binder, solvent, and additive. Pigments provide color, hide, and bulk; binders provide performance and support for dry paint film; solvent acts as a vehicle for the pigment and binder to get to the final surface; and additives provide additional enhancements like biocides, deformers, co-solvents, and more. There are five crucial steps in the manufacturing of paint: ingredient preparation, pigment dispersion, let down, laboratory testing, and canning. To conduct this process with fluidity, various paint manufacturing machines have been used since 1718. To ameliorate the paint manufacturing process, companies these days use the red oxide paint mixer machine.

High Speed Dispersers- Disperser Mixers 

high speed disperser machine uses as per below:-
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The red oxide paint mixer machine combines cement and oxide first in the dry form, and then slowly adds water to get a consistent slurry-like mix. This mix is a natural or synthetic inorganic red pigment that provides a lightfast color at a low cost. The machine makes sure that purity, practical size, and brightness remain the same for each lot. So paint manufacturing companies can use this stellar and agile mixer machine and help their customers provide an adequate base coat to the desired metal surface. Be rest assured as the machine is manufactured in compliance with the set industry standards using graded stainless steel; mild steel; hastelloy; and nickel. Choose this machine and create a robust foundation for top-notch quality paint.

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