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Dyno Mill Machine (Bead Mill Machine)  

EU key enterprises are concentrating more on light weight segments attributable to its great market development (for example aviation, car and force age). The test anyway is to accomplish a decreased weight complex slim – walled structure having high quality materials. The absence of solidness of work pieces prompts serious difficulties during the processing procedure:
We are Leading Dyno Mill Machine- Dyna Bead Mill Machine Manufacturer in Dubai based for the Worldwide 

High work piece quality isn’t reachable. Along these lines, as a rule manual completing of the work pieces is required.

Accomplishment of satisfactory work piece quality just through time and asset expending experimentation distinguishing proof of procedure boundaries that dodge basic procedure states. This frequently brings about moderate and wasteful procedures.

Wahal specialist’s committed group of experienced scientists has an answer for beat these issues. Wahal Engineer’s produced DYNA factories are customary plants with instigator crushing circles for wet pounding in the small scale meter extend. It is a fomenter globule plant outfitted with a crushing holder to get the job done the procedure of scattering and wet granulating in a totally encased framework. Dyna Mill intends to accomplish the unlimited oversight over the processing procedure of slender walled work pieces. This will be acknowledged through a triple methodology consolidating the advancement of procedure arranging, versatile clasping gadgets and improved cutting conditions.These plants are appropriate for a wide scope of things and can be modified by the necessities of the clients. The framework is proficient for its extraordinarily formed agitator circles, mounted evenly on a post to trade the imperativeness required

Dyna Mill / Dyno Bead Mill Machine has a wide range of application:-

  • Ink Industry
  • Dye Stuffs and pigmentation production
  • Paint industry
  • Food Industry
  • Audio and Video tape coating
  • Thermal and fax paper coating
  • Fillers for paper and plastics industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry


    • The DYNA / Dyno Bead Mills can grind with beads between 0.3-2.5 mm
    • Easy configuration of parameters leads to easy operation
    • A wide variety of materials are produced as per client requirement
    • The system provides very high security

Wahal Engineer’s has evolved as an eminent leader in the field of manufacturing Dyna Mills. They provide a wide range of dyna mill and various other products such as Planetary Mixers, Drum Lifters, and Dispensers. The company focuses on using its resources to innovate and implement advanced technologies in designing their product to suit their client requirement. Wahal manufacture product is precisely cratered to meet the exact need and demands of our clients with proper specification, leading them to be identified as a world class leader in the manufacturing industries.

We are guided by our founder Mr. Praveen Wahal, who holds rich industry experience of 40 years in the respective field of work. Due to his dynamic policy of reviewing our unit at regular intervals, we have developed advance production unit and progressed immensely.