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Wahal process technologies pvt. ltd Multi processor is the latest machine for the very fine cutting of all types of fine food products without any distractive heat. The main Motor with IP-55 class is comprised with a fitted brake which can stop the rotor from very high speed and fitted on top of the stainless steel table along with spindle.

Rotor shaft Is driven through a special tension/ maintance free and power efficient sandwich belt with very high precision bearings with special sealing/ lubrication arrangement. The whole system is based on Rotor/Stator technology, where a precision rotor with close clearance rotate in very fine slotted head stator at very high speed of up to 12,000 RPM.

Material can be pumped through a suitable pump with control form or either to be fed manually through a hopper/ funnel where flow could be controlled through a ball valve. For better results one can employ our In Tank Homogenizer for small batches for the Pre-mixing of liquids and powders or initial crushing of fruits/vegetables.

One can use a simple 200 liter barrel/tank, mounted on a trolley and charged with water/solvent and start the homogenizer and add all powders ingredients / whole fruits/vegetables and run the homogenizer for only 10 to 15 minutes and then change the stator head with Pumping head and attached the pipe to Multi processor pump after then start the Multi processor and pump the whole batch through very high speed rotor, where the rotor create a vacuum in slotted stator head and force the material through centrifugal force to the outer slots with two types of actions, one is impinging action and other one is comminuting action and material pass and dispersed/ reduce to very fine particle size in complete form.

Once the whole batch completed the pipe line can be disconnected and the stator and the material housing can be washed with appropriate solvent/ water and change the colour or product.

Multiprocessor - High Shear Mixers
  • Rotating @ 9,600 rpm !
  • No heat generation during grinding which ensures better sensory and nutritional quality in final product.
  • Versatile design of the working tools for various applications like flaking, dicing, slicing, paste making for adjusting the fineness/coarseness of the paste, granules, etc.
  • Feeding hopper for feeding the raw ingredients into the working chamber along with a screw conveyor for variable feed into the hopper
  • Highly efficient, durable along with hygienic design.

Applications :

  • Dicing
  • Flaking
  • Paste making
  • Pureeing
  • Fine grinding

We are guided by our founder Mr. Praveen Wahal, who holds rich industry experience of 40 years in the respective field of work. Due to his dynamic policy of reviewing our unit at regular intervals, we have developed advance production unit and progressed immensely.