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Wahal Engineer was able to provide an effective process solution. Each set system includes two loading and unloading stations for small, large bags, and hopper tables.  The system deliberately suppresses the formation of dust. The liquid is automatically injected into the system from the tank.

Pigment Pastes Process

  1. As a result, the customer now has a clean and seamless system.
  2. Dust emissions are significantly reduced.
  3. Guaranteed bath power – the system can be washed locally without disassembling.
  4. The process is stable and can be reproduced under similar conditions. If necessary, individual parameters can be adjusted in a targeted and controlled manner.
  5. Required distribution times have been reduced to 25% of previous prices. That means the process is now four times more efficient.
  6. Problem Resolved – though every project has its own challenges, but here, the biggest challenge was to provide the customer with the tremendous potential for process optimization that Wahal Engineers customized process plant offers. The customer did not want to believe it until he saw it with his own eyes.

Decorative emulsion paint :
Pigment Pastes Process by Liquid Powder Mixer, for Decorative emulsion paint of Wahal Engineer Paint and Coatings Industry machinery products.

Processing plant for structural textiles

Our customers include the world’s leading dispersed paint manufacturers many of whom have now abandoned traditional production processes and switched to Conti-TDS Wahal Engineer technology. We are committed to serving all of our customers individually, with the full potential of the operation. Together we explore the whole chain of processes and identify each concept in order to find the best solution. Whether we connect each machine to existing process vessels or set up a complete, turnkey system – high efficiency is our gold standard.

We are guided by our founder Mr. Praveen Wahal, who holds rich industry experience of 40 years in the respective field of work. Due to his dynamic policy of reviewing our unit at regular intervals, we have developed advance production unit and progressed immensely.