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The ready-to-eat product lines provide a variety of solid food options. A fully grown human loses iron and zinc, which begin to deplete, increasing the need for additional dietary intake. 

Ready to eat food processing plant

However, this demands the food safety standards be highly critical for ensuring the wellbeing and health of a baby. To establish these safety standards, the processed food manufacturers must use MicVac or the pasteurization method to maintain their product’s packaging integrity. And to help your ready-to-eat production line achieve the FILL, SEAL, COOK, and COOL sequence of the Micvac method, Wahal Process Technologies provides a  unique new range of industrial homogenizers designed for use plastic transportable intermediate bulk containers (IBC) tank mixers. Our machines are suitable for various applications, such as – mixing, blending, homogenizing light viscous liquid, and re-suspension of settled solids (through the dissolution of powders).

Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Food Manufacturing Process

However, first, let’s understand the advantages of an IBC container: 

  • It is designed for use on 1000/800-liter IBC Containers Mixers with 150 mm screw caps by Schutz, Sotralentz, and Van Leer
  • Various stator designs are available to suit each application
  • UP /Down movement is present either with hydraulic or through manual manner
  • The motor can be supplied with VFD – to control the speed
  • ATEX certifications are also there

All our homogenizers work on the principle of high centrifugal force produced due to the immense RPM of the rotor mounted on the main spindle. Thus, producing high shear due to the specially designed minimal tolerance between the rotor and stator. Additionally, they also homogenize the feed particles into a fine droplet size and are used for effective food pasteurization.

Apart from this, another Wahal Engineers’s product that provides the most efficient ready to make product line is homogenizers and mixers; we have categorized all machines with different units as follow:

  1.  Inline homogenizer:
  • Single Stage Inline Homogenizer
  • Two-Stage Inline Homogenizer
  • Four Stage Inline Homogenizer

High Shear Homogenizer

2. In-tank homogenizer:

  • Intank Batch Homogenizer (High Shear Batch Mixer)
  • Enclosed Shaft Homogenizer

3. Bottom mounted homogenizers 

4. Dis-integrated dissolver:

These are best suited for disintegrating, dissolving, solubilizing, dispersing solid in the liquids, and accommodating more rigid solids into the liquids/solutions.

5. Planetary Mixer:

  • Planetary Mixer/Double Planetary Mixers
  • Power Mix Planetary Disperser (PDM) 
  • Planetary Dual Disperser (PDDM)

6. Sigma Mixers (Z Blade Mixers)


7.  Bottom drive High Shear mixers ( Bottom mounted high shear mixer )

8.  Batch High Shear Mixer Homogenizers

  • In-tank Batch high shear mixer
  • Enclosed Shaft high shear mixer

9. Inline High Shear Mixer Homogenizers

  • Single Stage Inline high shear mixer
  • Two-Stage Inline high shear mixer
  • Four Stage Inline high shear mixer

These product lines have certain Features and Advantages with Wahal Engineer’s innovative homogenizers/mixtures as:

We are guided by our founder Mr. Praveen Wahal, who holds rich industry experience of 40 years in the respective field of work. Due to his dynamic policy of reviewing our unit at regular intervals, we have developed advance production unit and progressed immensely.