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The shear pump widely known as the high shear pump is a mechanical device used for pumping liquids/semi-solids working on the principle of high shear force produced in between the working head (i.e. rotor & stator). The pump works on the principle of the high centrifugal force produced due to the high rpm of the rotor mounted on the main spindle which exerts a centrifugal force on the water and pumps it to the stator walls and thus material is being sheared due to the very less tolerance between the rotor and stator. The pump is equipped with precision engineered rotor/ stator work head with a minimal tolerance between them that provides much more fine results.

The shear pump is a type of pump that is used for a wide range of applications involving emulsifying, blending, hydrating, dissolving, homogenizing, particle size reduction, reclamation, de-agglomeration, suspending, dispersing, and disintegrating solids.  The pump is different in the sense that it has a concentrically mounted set of rotor and stator. There are different combinations of rotor and stator heads, wherein the rotor is four blade type axial rotor while the stator maybe General Mixing Head/Hole type, Mixing Head/Square hole type, Din-integrated Head/Slotted type, Emulsion screen head/Fine hole type.

Industrial Name of – shear pump, high shear pump, shear pump, inline shear mixer pump shear pump mixer,  dynashear pump

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