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Distribution of Beer Head Foaming Agents

Ingredients such as propylene glycol alginate (PGA) may be added to the beer to stabilize the scalp and help with the deterioration of foam in the presence of cleaning residues or grease in the glass.

The process

PGA dissolves in water (called “alcohol” in the liquor industry) before being added to beer. The usual procedure for dispersing using standard mixes will be as follows:

  • The ship is charged for water.
  • The mixer has started.
  • Alginate is gradually added to the vortex and dissolved in water.
  • The mixing lasts up to an hour (depending on the size of the collection) to ensure complete dispersion.
  • The solution is then left to stand for a few hours to complete the flow of water.
  • The mixer is used over time to ensure that the solution is even.
  • Pasteurization may be performed to destroy any pests.

The problem

Dispersion of this type of powder is one of the most difficult of all mixing tasks. Many problems are often encountered when using standard mixes:

  • PGA tends to blend. The watery outer part of the agglomerate prevents the inside particles from being exposed to the surrounding liquid and thawing. Ordinary propellers do not produce enough cuts to break these.
  • Longer mixing times are required to obtain the required dispersion/solution.
  • The powder should be added under controlled conditions (requiring personnel) to prevent the formation of lumps and scanline on the vessel.
  • Once an increase in viscosity or gelling has begun to occur, the agitation of the solution, therefore, dispersing the powder becomes even more difficult.
  • Air infiltration should be avoided to avoid foaming, as due to the nature of the product, the foam is difficult to disperse.


Beer Head foam


With the use of the Wahal Engineer mixer, the middle production stages can be removed, the product level improved and the processing times reduced dramatically as follows:

Stage 1

The vessel is charged for the required amount of water. Wahal Engineer mixer is started and alginate is added all at once very quickly. The high-speed rotation of the rotors creates a strong absorption of water and alginate particles into the head.

Stage 2

The building materials are carefully cut inside the work head. Any agglomerated particles are completely broken at the opening between the ends of the rotor blades and the stator wall. The product is then forced out of the stator and returned to the mixture.

Stage 3

Fresh liquid and powdered ingredients are injected simultaneously into the work head, maintaining a mixing cycle. In a short time, the product exceeds the task title many times, ensuring that the complete dispersal is completed quickly.


  • Mixing times are greatly reduced.
  • The rate of adding a quick powder removes the user error.
  • Stable product quality.
  • Agglomerate-free mix.
  • The stable viscosity of the final product.
  • The solidity / gelling effect of alginate is enhanced.
  • Reduction of aeration and oxygen due to short mixing time.

Wahal Engineer Liquid Power Mixer (LPM)

  • Ideal for large collections or small duplicate collections
  • It can quickly assemble large quantities of powders
  • Reduced ventilation
  • Reduced cleaning requirements
  • Suitable for high viscosity mixtures
  • Suitable for working at high temperatures
  • Level of controlled powder addition
  • Small operator input is required


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